About the Campus

Unicaf University is a pan-African, independent, internationally recognised university, combining the best elements of online learning through the offering of high-quality academic qualifications.

Unicaf University pursues excellence in teaching and student achievement while ensuring a high degree of satisfaction in a dynamic online environment. Unicaf University is committed to setting high standards in Higher Education while working with relevant stakeholders to drive the evolution of online learning. Unicaf University aims to become the leading tertiary institution in Africa, recognised for its outstanding contribution to teaching, learning and research.

Unicaf University offers Bachelor, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in a wide range of subjects through its campus network. Students have the opportunity to earn high-quality qualifications at a low cost through exclusively online delivery or with the option of on-campus study. The University combines traditional face-to-face complimentary tutorials with the active use of digital learning tools through an innovative blended learning approach.

Students can benefit from generous scholarships offered through Unicaf. The Unicaf Scholarship Programme has awarded more than $100 million worth of scholarships enabling thousands of qualified students to study for internationally recognised degrees at a fraction of the cost. Students who received a Unicaf Scholarship to support their degree studies transformed their lives and created a better future for themselves.

In addition to Unicaf University programmes, eligible students can also apply to study fully online for a recognised degree from one of our partner universities.

Unicaf University is a proud member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), the Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA) and the Advance HE.

Unicaf University in Zambia and Unicaf University in Malawi are now proudly listed in the International Association of Universities (IAU) WHED portal (World Higher Education Database). All the universities included in this portal are officially accredited or recognised higher education institutions.

In collaboration with UNESCO, the portal serves as a unique online reference tool that provides authoritative information on recognised higher education institutions (HEIs) around the world, systems and credentials. Since its foundation in 1950, the IAU has been mapping the higher education landscape as one of its central tasks.

This is another significant milestone for Unicaf University that adds even greater value to its credibility as a leading provider of online, quality higher education.

The IAU number for Unicaf University in Malawi is IAU-024352 and for Unicaf University in Zambia, it is IAU-028638.

Unicaf University in Malawi Campus

Experienced local and international academics share innovative techniques, research, and knowledge in a highly professional learning environment. Unicaf University facilitates the online delivery of study materials through its cloud-based digital platform, featuring a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which is easy to navigate. Students can access study material online, benefit from a 24/7 e-library, submit coursework, and interact with instructors and fellow students.

For those who choose on-campus study, online learning is further enhanced with complimentary face-to-face tutorials on the fully equipped campus in Lilongwe. The Malawi campus features modern infrastructure in a technology-friendly environment creating a supportive atmosphere for students, faculty, and staff.

Programmes offered by Unicaf University in Malawi are accredited by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) of Malawi. 

Unicaf University campus in Malawi is also accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) as an Independent Higher Education Provider. Unicaf University campus in Malawi is also a full member of the Association of African Universities.

Contact Information

Unicaf University Of Malawi

Unit 1 Shoppers Mall (Opposite Game & Shoprite), Area 4, Plot 67

Lilongwe, Malawi

+265 111 755 333