A Message from the Rector

Professor Kuthemba Mwale
Rector of Unicaf University

As the Rector, I most sincerely welcome you to Unicaf University in Malawi.
Unicaf University has its origins in Europe and is in partnership with US, UK
and European Higher Education institutions offering internationally
recognised qualifications. In Malawi, Unicaf University programmes are
registered and approved by the Malawi Government through the National
Council for Higher Education, an arm of government that exercises quality
control in public and private institutions of higher learning in the country.
The catchment area for Unicaf University extends from Malawi to all
countries South of the Sahara. It has brought the most sought out Quality
Higher Education to the region in order to benefit the people of Africa. The
presence of Unicaf University in Lilongwe, Malawi, and its association with
the Unicaf Scholarship programme, will stop movement of people from
Africa to Europe and America seeking quality higher education, because
Unicaf has it all.


Unicaf University offers quality higher education across the board
from Bachelor degrees, through to Master’s to Doctorate
degrees. Programmes are offered in flexible modes of delivery
(on-ground and online) to suit the lifestyle of people with family
or professional commitments. The flexible delivery options
offered through Unicaf University will provide opportunities for
everyone to access quality higher education at Unicaf University
in Malawi. Unicaf University in Lilongwe, aims to transform
Malawi into an educational centre of excellence in the Africa
Region. May I mention with emphasis to all in Africa and
particularly those in the Sub-Saharan Africa that Unicaf University
is your own institution of quality higher education and it is here
for you. Obtain the most essential and desired higher quality
university education that will enable you to participate fully in the
development process of Malawi and Africa as a whole.