A Message from the Vice Chancellor

Kevin Andrews BA(Hons), MA, PhD, FSA, FHEA
Vice Chancellor, Unicaf University

Unicaf University has developed from a family of Higher Education
Institutions which draw on a rich heritage of academic traditions and
represents an academic community of scholars, researchers and
administrators with an unparalleled accumulated experience of curriculum
and partnership development and long experience of delivery of
transnational education. This heritage opens up opportunities to gain
qualifications through a rich and flexible array of modes of study and
access to awards through us and our partners from African, European,
British or American institutions.


Academic regulations for undergraduate and postgraduate
programmes currently available at Unicaf University are
presented here to highlight the admission criteria and registration
procedures, assessment procedures, grading and award
classifications to aim for.
The prospectus is a dynamic document that will be updated
frequently as we grow to accommodate the many developments
and innovations that are a hallmark of our unique vision, including
new courses, planned events and student opportunities.
Finally, I thank all those that continue to support and inspire our
endeavours. I thank those who decide to join the University for
the purpose of following up a particular course, and by joining us,
further enrich our growing academic community. I also thank
those who have, and continue, to advocate for the vision and
mission of Unicaf University to be achieved.