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Education is an increasingly changing, dynamic and very demanding sector which requires professionals and practitioners to be very qualified in order to meet various challenges.

The MA in Education is suitable for all those that are interested in understanding the important role of education in our everyday lives and especially the links between education, society and students of all ages. It is an ideal degree for all those who wish to enter into the educational sector and all current practitioners who wish to enhance further their knowledge in the fields of teaching and learning.

Necessary skills such as the use of ICT, problem solving, critical thinking, and communication and research skills are acquired through the course.

Throughout the Master’s programme students will be engaged in research, teaching methods, learning how to adapt with learning disabilities and understand educational practices and theories.

Delivery Mode: Online and through Supported Open Learning.

Entry Requirements:

  • Regular admission to a Master’s programme requires an accredited Bachelor degree
  • Applicants with an accredited Master’s degree will also be considered for entry
  • HND Relevant holders with good relevant work experience (post graduation) may be considered for entry
  • English proficiency (if the Bachelor degree was not taught in English)
  • Updated CV
  • One official letter of recommendation (either Academic or Business)
  • Personal Statement (mimimum 500 words)
  • Copy of passport or ID


Research Practices and Methods - EDU730

This module aims to provide students with all those research skills necessary for education. Students throughout the course will develop research methods and acquire the necessary evaluation skills.


Analysis of Learning Disabilities in Education - EDU732

The aim of this module is to teach education professionals how to cope and handle students with learning disabilities. The different types of difficulties and disabilities will be taught. Throughout the course models, theory and practical ways to deal with special educational needs are examined in detail.

Credits: 30

ICT in Education - EDU733

This aim of this module is to provide students with an insight of how important is Information and Communication Technology in education and the overall learning process. Theories, current ICT practices and the areas where ICT can be used are analyzed.

Credits: 30

Teaching and Learning Management - EDU734

The aim of this module is to teach the student of the various strategies to develop teaching and learning in educational institutions. This involves analysis of theories and evaluation of existing practices.

Credits: 30

Dissertation- EDU731

This module is primarily a research based course. Students are expected to carry out their own investigation and produce a research report to a relevant field.

Credits: 60

Course Information
  • Delivery Mode:Online/Blended
  • Programme TypeMaster’s Degree

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