MSc Organisational Psychology

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Psychology and human behavior at the workplace is becoming increasingly important for any organization. This Master’s degree is suitable, among others, for working professionals in big organizations and for all those who want to understand how human interaction affects the working environment.

The MSc in Organisational Psychology provides students with the necessary psychological concepts and theories while aiming at developing a number of key skills such as evaluative, research, interpersonal and analytical skills. Psychology theories are taught on how to be applied at work and thus learn how to understand the human resources of the organization.

Delivery Mode: Online and through Supported Open Learning

Entry Requirements:

  • Regular admission to a Master’s programme requires an accredited Bachelor degree
  • Applicants with an accredited Master’s degree will also be considered for entry
  • HND Relevant holders with good relevant work experience (post graduation) may be considered for entry
  • English proficiency (if the Bachelor degree was not taught in English)
  • Updated CV
  • One official letter of recommendation (either Academic or Business)
  • Personal Statement (mimimum 500 words)
  • Copy of passport or ID


Workplace Psychology - UUPSY600

The aim of this module is for students to understand how psychology is applied at work and especially understand the key theoretical framework that underlies human behavior. Theories and drivers of motivation are analyzed in depth as well as stress management and employee well-being.

Course Credits: 20

Organisational Communication - PSY701

The aim of this module is for students to understand how important is communication is at work. Students are engaged in research and analysis of communication processes that affect human behavior of individuals at work. Further communication models and ways to improve communication form an integral part of the course.

Credits: 20

External Communications Management - PSY702

This module aims at providing students with an understanding of concepts and models of cognitive psychology. Types of external communication, global communication are analyzed in depth. At the same time the psychology of advertising, consumer behavior and marketing is examined in detail accompanied with research around external communication.

Credits: 20

Organisational Leadership - PSY703

This module aims to provide students with the psychological concepts, models  and theories behind leadership. Understanding leadership is very important in every organization. Throughout the course students will be able to understand their own leadership abilities and at the same time be able to apply relevant leadership theory in practice.

Credits: 20

Organisational Culture Management - PSY704

The aim of this module is to understand organizational culture and change management in businesses. Theoretical models, definitions and concepts behind organizational culture and change management are analysed.

Credits: 20

Project and Research Management PSY705

This module aim to provide the student with an understanding of research strategies, data collection, project management techniques, data analysis and evaluation techniques. Quantitative and qualitative tools and techniques are used in line with research methods.

Credits: 20

Dissertation - PSY706

The aim of this module is to allow students to develop a research project in a topic related to Organisational Psychology. Throughout the module students will develop evaluation skills as well as analysis, data collection and evaluation skills.

Credits: 60

Course Information
  • Delivery Mode:Online/Blended
  • Programme TypeMaster’s Degree

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