Ph.D in Business Administration

Programme Information

Required Credits/Units: 360

The Unicaf University PhD in Business Administration is an integrated programme awarded on the basis of a research dissertation (240 credits) and also incorporates a preparatory taught element (120 credits) that provides students with the necessary tools to undertake their research, appreciate current research issues in the field of Business Administration, and assume future leadership roles in their respective institutions. It is the field of focus of the dissertation (67% of total credits), rather than that of the taught modules (33% of total credits) which imparts the name “Business Administration” to the qualification.

Programme Outline

Foundation Courses

Code Course Title Credits
UU-D-IND100 Induction Module 0.00

Core Units

Code Course Title Credits
UU-PhD-801 Research Methods 30.00
UU-PhD-802 Current Perspectives in Management Research 30.00
UU-PhD-803 Leadership 30.00
UU-PhD-840 Strategic Management 30.00
UU-PhD-BA-895 Ph.D Business Administration Comprehensive Examination 0.00
UU-PhD-BA-900-1 Ph.D Business Administration Dissertation (Part 1) 60.00
UU-PhD-BA-900-2 Ph.D Business Administration Dissertation (Part 2) 60.00
UU-PhD-BA-900-3 Ph.D Business Administration Dissertation (Part 3) 60.00
UU-PhD-BA-900-4 Ph.D Business Administration Dissertation (Part 4) 60.00
UU-PhD-BA-995 Ph.D Business Administration Doctoral Dissertation Examination 0.00



Ph.D in Business Administration
Course Information

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