Learning Experience

Learning experience at Unicaf University

You will learn through a mixture of independent study, lectures, tutorials and other methods.


One of the ways that students are taught at Unicaf University is through lectures. Typically lectures will include talks or presentations, for about an hour each time delivered by a member of the Unicaf University academic staff. Lectures take place in the lecture rooms at our state-of-the-art campus in Malawi or at one of our international Learning Centres around the world.
Lecturers provide a guide to the topic and indicate important points and themes for students to consider. Students combine the on-the-ground lectures with the online material available through the state-of-the-art platform to benefit the most.


Face-to-face tutorial teaching is a unique aspect of the educational experience that Unicaf University offers its students. An academic tutor will meet students in small groups, typically three times a week to offer tutorials towards the taught material. In these classes students will develop a better understanding of topics and integrate ideas from their reading and lectures. The key difference between lectures and tutorials is the level of participation expected from the students. For tutorials students will be expected to have read about the subject in advance and participate in the discussions, exchanging ideas and views with other students and the tutor.

Other teaching methods

Unicaf University uses technology to make a wide range of additional teaching methods available to students. These include individual and group project work, problem-based and peer-assisted learning. Unicaf University is committed to high quality, innovative teaching to help
students reach their full potential.

Independent learning

Learning at the university level is very different from school or college. Students should get used to the different types of studying and the demands of each programme. Students have to be proactive, manage their own time and develop their independent learning skills. The Unicaf University student advisers are always available to provide help and guidance on how students should study most effectively and how to succeed in the university
environment. Advisers will also work closely with the students to help them become a confident learner and also develop the attributes required for success at University and beyond.