On-campus Teaching

The University combines traditional face-to-face tutorials with the active use of digital learning tools through an innovative blended learning approach.

As an on-campus student, you can attend tutorials and classes with the added benefits of online delivery. During your time on-campus, you can interact with lecturers and receive personalised mentoring and guidance. You can also use the facilities to do coursework in the computer lab, connect to the free Wi-Fi, sign up for student clubs and attend regular on-campus events, like open lectures on hot topics of the day or free workshops on the development of specific skills. On-campus students can also socialise and network at student events, like excursions to places of interest, film screenings, music performances, quiz nights etc.

Anyone with a busy schedule, who likes to have face-to-face support and guidance in their studies, can benefit from the flexible delivery model. Unicaf University’s improved on-campus model, unlike traditional on-campus studies, offers great flexibility and a host of advantages, allowing the student a more personalised learning journey, according to their schedules and needs. 

Additional Advantages:

  • Flexibility to study whenever and wherever you want
  • Access to your study materials 24/7
  • Interaction with fellow professionals and tutors from around the world
  • Improved learning through innovative tools employed by instructors on the VLE
  • Easy switch to full online studies if external circumstances make it difficult to attend on-campus tutorials