New Groups of Secondary School Graduates Benefit from Free Computer Lessons at Unicaf University Malawi

Around 40 graduates of private and government secondary schools in Malawi, who passed their MSCE in 2017 and 2018, were welcomed this month at the state-of-the-art Unicaf University campus in Lilongwe, to receive free training in the use of computers. This highly successful initiative, which is part of Unicaf University’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme, has been running since August 2018 and has benefitted around 800 secondary school graduates, trained in the University’s Malawi and Zambia state-of-the-art campuses.

The lessons aim to impart basic computer knowledge and skills, so that secondary school graduates can apply for University or for a work position. After attending a presentation on the theory of computers the students can practice in the fully equipped computer lab of the Unicaf University campus; they learn how to use a computer, how to write and save a document, how to create an email address, how to send and receive emails and how to conduct Internet searches. After completing their three day training they receive Unicaf University Certificates of Attendance.

Unicaf University aims to improve computer literacy among the young generation, in order to encourage them to proceed with higher studies and to enable them to search for knowledge and opportunities in the wide and all-encompassing world of the Internet. Students are also informed about online and on campus learning and discover the range of Bachelor’s degree programmes available at Unicaf University.

The UUM free computer training is available to all interested secondary school graduates. New sessions are advertised in the press. If you wish to learn more about you can contact Unicaf University Malawi on +265 1755 333, or visit the campus at Unit 1 Shoppers Mall, Area 4, Plot 67, Lilongwe.

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