Unicaf University Acknowledges Students’ Excellence

Aiming at providing support and recognition to the efforts made by the top-performing final year students of Bwaila Secondary School, Unicaf University sponsored special prizes, which were awarded during the students’ graduation ceremony.

All Form 4 graduates of the school received their attendance certificates, while students who had exhibited excellence were awarded special prizes. Unicaf University offered branded T-shirts to all top performers, while two students, Reuben Simfukwe and Nixon Mbewe, impressed everyone by scooping five awards each, four for achieving best results in their respective shifts in different subjects, and a fifth award for emerging overall best students in their respective shifts. All top performers received luxury wrist watches and monetary prizes, while the two boys with the best overall performance were very happy to receive an extra special gift from UNICAF: state of the art Windows 10 tablets, to assist them in their quest for knowledge.

“I’m speechless. I knew I could be the best in these subjects, but I did not expect to be rewarded in this way. This is wonderful and very encouraging,” said Simfukwe, 17, who emerged overall best in his East shift in Mathematics, Physical Science, Biology and Geography.

A 17-year-old Mbewe emerged as top student of the School’s West Shift in Physical Science, Biology, Geography and History. Smiling from ear to ear, he attributed his success to the dedication of the teachers at Bwaila, who have always encouraged him to work hard and do his best.

Speaking to the graduates, the Vice Rector of Unicaf University, Mr Buxton Mpando, encouraged the students to explore the range of quality degrees offered by Unicaf University. “Today we have given prizes to the 30 best performing students and in the cases of Nixon Mbewe and Reuben Simfukwe we have initiated a scientific way of thinking by giving them the Windows 10 tablets. At Unicaf University we view tablets as classrooms and libraries. I hope these portable computers will prove very helpful to you when you get to the University and I hope that you will choose Unicaf University for the quality higher education you will receive there.”

Bwaila Secondary School Head Mistress, Anita Kaliu, thanked the sponsors providing the prizes for top performing graduates; she advised all of the students to abide by the rules and regulations of the Malawi National Examination Board during the exams, and wished them success.

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