Unicaf University Hosts Student Karaoke Event

Unicaf University, known for its commitment to providing a holistic educational experience, continues its tradition of fostering student engagement and community building with a student karaoke event.

The event, organised by Unicaf University, aimed to promote the vibrant campus experience that Unicaf University offers to its current students. The karaoke event provided an opportunity for students to socialise, unwind and forge lasting connections with their peers.

Our students are known for their dedication to both work and play. That’s why we make sure to regularly organise events that cater to their social and recreational needs, ensuring there’s always something exciting happening on campus.

After immersing themselves in thrilling excursions to wildlife parks and outdoor adventures, bonding over game nights, energetic aerobics sessions and festive barbecues, the vibrant community of Unicaf University students in Malawi was thrilled to be treated to an unforgettable Karaoke Event. 

The campus was buzzing with excitement as they sang their hearts out, danced and created memories that will last a lifetime, all in the company of their friends and fellow students.

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