Unicaf University Launches B.Ed. in Primary Education Programme in Malawi

Unicaf University in Malawi proudly announces the launch of its Bachelor of Education in Primary Education programme, aimed at addressing the critical need for quality primary school teachers in the country. The launch ceremony took place recently at Chatuwa Primary School grounds and was attended by esteemed dignitaries, teachers, headteachers, students, and representatives from various educational institutions and philanthropic organisations.

The distinguished guests at the event included The Director of Higher Education and The Director of Teacher Education and Development from the Ministry of Education, who delivered insightful speeches on the significance of this initiative in advancing education in Malawi. Joining them were Dr Robert Ridley, the Vice-Chancellor of Unicaf University in Malawi, and Dr Steve Sharra, the Dean of Education, who both emphasised the importance of empowering primary school teachers with specialised training through the newly introduced B.Ed. programme.

Dr Ridley highlighted the programme’s focus on enhancing the skills and expertise of primary school teachers, equipping them with the necessary tools to provide quality education to young learners. The B.Ed. programme offers a professional career path within primary school teaching, ensuring that educators no longer need to seek opportunities in secondary schools for professional advancement.

Dr Sharra, drawing from personal experiences as a primary school teacher, shared the challenges faced by educators seeking higher education. With the introduction of Unicaf’s B.Ed. programme, these challenges become a thing of the past, as the programme offers tailored courses to cater to the specific needs of primary educators. The comprehensive curriculum emphasises key elements required to excel in primary education, setting the stage for a more impactful learning experience for students.

The event concluded with an engaging Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) presentation led by Mr Davie Samikwa, the IT Manager at Unicaf University in Malawi. The presentation showcased the university’s commitment to leveraging technology for enriching the learning experience of both teachers and students. Attendees were later treated to a delightful late lunch, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and celebration.

With the launch of the B.Ed. in Primary Education programme, Unicaf University in Malawi reiterates its dedication to the advancement of education in the nation. By equipping primary school teachers with enhanced skills and knowledge, Unicaf University aims to uplift the standards of primary education and contribute to the holistic development of Malawi’s future generation.

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