Unicaf University Malawi continues to offer free computer training to secondary school graduates

Around 30 young participants attended the sessions of free training in basic computer skills offered by Unicaf University Malawi in October 2019. With an equal representation of both sexes (50% female and 50% male), participants were students or graduates of Kabwabwa Secondary School, Cherub Private School, Robert Blake Catholic School, Nazareen Private School, Kings Foundation and SOS Secondary School. They visited the Unicaf University campus in Lilongwe to learn how to use a computer to write texts, to search the Internet, to set up an email address and to send and receive emails.

At the end of the training, which included theoretical as well as practical sessions in the computer lab of the campus, participants received a Unicaf University Certificate of Attendance to add to their CV. They were all very grateful for the opportunity to learn how to use a computer, which is a required aptitude at university and in the modern workplace, at zero cost. Uchindami Elia from Kabwabwa Secondary School stated after receiving her Certificate “ This new knowledge will help me in my future studies, where I will have to use a computer to research, study and communicate”.

More free computer training sessions are planned by UUM in November and December 2019. For more information you can contact the UUM Lilongwe campus by calling 01755333.

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