Unicaf University organises 1,500 Tree Planting initiative with local schools

A joint 1,500 tree-planting initiative was organised recently by Unicaf University and local schools within the Lilongwe surrounding areas. As part of Unicaf University’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) the following 4 secondary schools joined forces to make a difference to the global ecosystem:

  • Atsikana Pa Ulendo
  • Mpando Community Day Secondary School 
  • Nsaru CDSS
  • Kabuthu CDSS

The objective of the exercise was to demonstrate that environmental sustainability lies at the very core of Unicaf University’s corporate vision. This, along with the commitment to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goal of reaching net zero carbon by 2035, defines the essence of the university’s policy on the environment. 

The Chancellor of Unicaf University, Professor Kuthemba Mwale and the Director of Marketing,  Dr Golden Banda, were present at the ceremony along with the Head Teachers of the 4 schools, as well as students, staff and media representatives.

Professor Mwale emphasised how Unicaf University encourages students to learn and appreciate the importance of planting and caring for trees so that it becomes a habit to them. “By inspiring the students, we are actually inspiring the next generation to love and have a culture of planting trees through the passage of time. We all know how deforestation has negatively affected our country through climate change,” he said.

Atsikana Pa Ulendo Secondary School Headteacher, Mr Steve Manda, said this was a huge lesson to the students and one that can motivate them to take ownership of environmental protection. “We all have a responsibility to care for the environment regardless of age or status. We are all affected by climate change,” he said.

In his remarks, Mpando Community Day Secondary School Head Teacher, Mr Samson Phiri pointed out that “biologically speaking, it is the trees that sustain life and therein lies the need to encourage everyone to be involved in environmental protection.”

And finally, as one student so eloquently put it, “trees take carbon dioxide and give us oxygen which we breathe. In fact, climate change and global warming could be a thing of the past if we all agree to plant more trees.” 


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