Unicaf University and Young Academy MOU

Unicaf University Partners with Young Academy in Malawi to Enhance Access to Quality Education

Unicaf University proudly announces the signing of a transformative Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Young Academy in Malawi. The ceremony, attended by Dr  Robert Ridley, Vice-Chancellor of Unicaf University, Malawi, signifies a collaborative effort to advance education and enhance accessibility to quality learning in the region.

Under Ruth Shaba’s visionary leadership, Young Academy has achieved outstanding success, maintaining a 100% pass rate in the PSLCE examination for the past two years. The academy follows the local government curriculum (British) and has received accolades for its self-sustainability and resourcefulness, securing awards from competitions like “The Big Brain Quiz”.

Unicaf University’s partnership with Young Academy aligns with its commitment to making quality education accessible across Africa. Through innovative online learning solutions and strategic collaborations, Unicaf University aims to enrich the learning experience for students at all levels.

Young Academy’s commitment to accessible education is demonstrated through various initiatives, including scholarships for high-achieving students. Through the partnership with Unicaf University, the academy aims to leverage the online platform’s capabilities to expand educational opportunities for its students.

The strategic partnership between Unicaf University and Young Academy marks a significant step towards creating a comprehensive and inclusive educational ecosystem in Malawi. By combining our expertise in online higher education with Young Academy’s dedication to primary education, the collaboration aims to create a lasting impact on the educational landscape of the region.

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