Unicaf University sponsors Lilongwe Urban Netball Committee with a donation of 2.5 Million MWK

In the presence of several media outlets (Times TV, Daily Times, Nation Publications), Unicaf University presented a sponsorship cheque in the amount of 2.5 Million MWK to Lilongwe Urban Netball Committee with the sole aim of hosting a Unicaf University Netball Tournament.

Prior to the signing ceremony, Unicaf University representative, Dr Effieness Mpakati Gama, assured the Netball fraternity of its full commitment to promoting sports within Malawi. Furthermore, Dr Gama confirmed that Unicaf University would be sponsoring further sporting events in the future.

The Chairperson of the Lilongwe Urban Netball Committee, Zikubwelera Washon, thanked  Unicaf University for its financial support and expressed her gratitude on behalf of the netball fellowship stressing that this would help to improve and promote netball in the country. 

Unicaf University’s Netball Tournament is scheduled to kick off at the end of April. 19 teams have signed up for participation in the tournament which will run for 2 weeks. A 2-day event to mark the end of the tournament will follow the closing match with the trophy being presented to the winning team by Unicaf University.

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