Unicaf University Students Meet up at Blantyre Sports Club

Research has shown that physical activity can be a great stress reliever for students studying for their degrees. So it was no accident when students from Unicaf University got together for a sports meet-up session at Blantyre Sports Club.

The aim of the exercise was to connect with other students and to have a fun day out away from their laptops and textbooks. The students were also encouraged to bring a friend along, creating a sense of fellowship and solidarity amongst each other. From that point on it was all systems go!

The students split up into teams whereby the trainers introduced a game of Frisbee and other Frisbee related games. These games are important and play a crucial part in Unicaf’s ongoing engagement campaign by encouraging networking and trust amongst the students.  

A well earned lunch was then served and while the students rested, Unicaf staff presented them with a certificate of attendance and a prize. By the end of the day it was evident that the students and their guests had a thoroughly enjoyable session with many requesting more of these types of events in the future.

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