MSc Web Design and Development

This programme studies in depth the principles of Web Design and imparts all necessary skills and knowledge needed to create successful, professional web designers and developers. Students learn how to design and develop high quality websites, which are user-friendly, efficient and attractive.


Delivery Mode: Online and through Supported Open Learning

Entry Requirements:

  • Regular admission to a Master’s programme requires an accredited Bachelor degree
  • Applicants with an accredited Master’s degree will also be considered for entry
  • HND Relevant holders with good relevant work experience (post graduation) may be considered for entry
  • English proficiency (if the Bachelor degree was not taught in English)
  • Updated CV
  • One official letter of recommendation (either Academic or Business)
  • Personal Statement (mimimum 500 words)
  • Copy of passport or ID


Foundation Courses

Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-M-IND100 Induction Module 0.00
UU-FNT-203 Introduction to Master Degree 0.00


Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-MWD-700-MW Web Design and Development 20.00
UU-MWD-710-MW User-centered Design and Project Management 20.00
UU-MWD-720-MW Images on the Web 20.00
UU-MWD-740-MW Social Media and On-line Branding 20.00
UU-MWD-750-MW Interactive Web Design 20.00
UU-MWD-730-MW Programming and Scripting 20.00
UU-MWD-760-MW Cyber Security 20.00
UU-MWD-770-MW Web Technologies 20.00
UU-MWD-790-MW Web Project 20.00


MSc Web Design and Development
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